Dry Ice Slices

Each dry ice slice is 10 pounds. A slice is about 2" thick and 10" squared. Picture a small school book. It's much heavier than it looks! Each dry ice block is delivered pre-wrapped in a thick brown paper bag, with safety information printed on the bag.

Please Contact us to arrange for pick up or Delivery

Prices vary, based on quantity or weight.

We are happy to consult with you to advise how much you need based on your application.

Local Delivery Available/ Pick -Up is also available

Please contact us for delivery times and arrangements.

Call 949-340-3737

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Dry Ice Nuggets

Dry ice Nuggets are 5/8" in diameter. They are convenient and useful primarily in frozen food applications, meat processing plants, and in transportation of blood plasma and lab specimens.

Delivery available with a 50 lb min order

If you can imagine a brown paper grocery bag filled with these nuggest...That's about 40 lbs. 

Dry Ice Gloves

Must-have reusable gloves for handling dry ice.

Pair of Gloves

Each Pair                               $14.00