Dry Ice Slices

Each dry ice slice is 10 pounds and is roughly 10" x 10" x 2" in size. Picture a large text book or phone book. Each dry ice block is delivered pre-wrapped in a thick brown paper bag, with safety information printed on the bag.

Starting at $50 for Delivery

Order Amount: up to 50 lbs           $2.30 per pound

Order Amount 50+ Pounds:=         $2.00 per pound

Order Amount 100+ Pounds=       $1.25 per pound

Order Amount 150+ Pounds=       $1.00 per pound

*Prices can be lower based on frequency and scheduled routine orders.

Local Delivey is Available/ Pick -Up is also available

Please contact us for delivery times and arrangements.

Call 949-466-7787

Or fill out the form and we will email you your expected delivery time.

Dry Ice Nuggets

Dry ice Nuggets are 5/8" in diameter. They are convenient and useful primarily in frozen food applications, meat processing plants, and in transportation of blood plasma and lab specimens.

Starting at $50 for Delivery

Order amount under 50 lbs      $2.30 per lb  

Order amount 50+  lbs            $2.00 per lb

Order amount 100 lbs               $1.25 per lb  

   Order amount 150 lbs =            $1.00 per lb         

Dry Ice Gloves

Must-have reusable gloves for handling dry ice.

Pair of Gloves

Each Pair                               $14.00